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Yum Talay (Seafood Salad)

Scallops, prawns, NZ mussels, calamari, red onion, green onion, mixed green, sriracha chili-lime vinaigrette

Garlic Pork Spare Ribs

Fried overnight sous vide marinated pork ribs, tamarind sriracha sauce

Pork & Shrimp Spring Rolls

Fried ground chicken & shrimp, bean thread noodle, cabbage, plum sauce

Unagi Fried Rice

Japanese Eel and Unagi Sauce on top of Thai fried rice

Duck Curry

Pineapple, lime leaf, basil, bell pepper, peas, carrots

Thai Pork Belly Delights

Thai Pork Belly Delights
Indulge in succulent Thai pork belly. Savor crispy pork belly bites. Try our pork belly stir-fry. Enjoy tender pork belly curry. Delight in spicy pork belly soup. Experience authentic Thai pork belly dishes. Visit for the best pork belly in town.

Convenient Thai Pork Belly Pickup and Delivery

Convenient Thai Pork Belly Pickup and Delivery
Satisfy your Thai pork belly cravings with our convenient pickup and delivery options. Enjoy the succulent pork belly stir-fry or crispy pork belly bites in the comfort of your home. Order online for quick pickup or have our flavorful dishes delivered to your doorstep.

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